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Toltec Wisdom

Toltec means “artist” – artist of word, music, form and color, and most of all, Life.

The Toltecs of Teotihuacan were priests, scientists, and teachers of the Art of Life. In “Teo times”, they were not so much a tribe as a society of advanced spiritual practitioners. These masters lived and worked in Teo, refining themselves and their practices for hundreds of years. The beautiful murals and awe-inspiring pyramids are testaments to the heights of their attainment. Teo was built to careful specifications to create a place where “men and women become as God.”


Today, Toltec masters still move among us, teaching mastery of awareness, transformation, and intent. Teachings about sacred areas in and around Teo have never been forgotten, but passed along from generation to generation in the oral tradition. These teachings have been supplemented by many generations of continued study and practice at Teo and other sacred sites. Much of what you read here has been given to us by don Miguel Ruiz and his family.

We offer our deepest gratitude to don Miguel and the generations of masters who came before and who will come after. These are the mythologies or stories we have to tell.

Experiencing Teo

Knowing the transformational power of Teo is best done with an experienced teacher.

A teacher will guide you with loving support as you move through sacred areas here at Teo. You may participate in a variety of meditations, ritual, and ceremonies, depending on the teacher, the group, and even the time of year – truly, no two trips to Teo are the same!

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