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Behind a gated wall in the village of San Sebastian Xololpan, adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacan, lies the Casa de los Sueños.

Within its spacious compound are a dozen rooms decorated with the art of Mexico’s past, both recent and distant. The rooms have modern conveniences, but no modern annoyances.

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Toltec Wisdom

“Toltec” means “artist” – artist of word, music, form and color, and most of all, Life. The Toltecs of Teotihuacan were priests, scientists, and teachers of the Art of Life. In “Teo times,” they were not so much a tribe as a society of advanced spiritual practitioners. These masters lived and worked in Teo, refining themselves and their practices for hundreds of years.
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As with many other sacred spots around the world, Teotihuacan (Teo) combines unique geographic features, sources of spiritual energy, and a tradition of esoteric work by thousands of people over thousands of years. Visitors from all spiritual traditions gain inspiration and feel powerful energy from the pyramids and centers of spiritual study located throughout the huge site. Some use the symbolism of specific locations around the site to facilitate their process of transformation.
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